The Chestnut Mares Club

The Chestnut Mares Club is equal parts fan club, support group, complaints department, and runaway joke. Okay, maybe more on the runaway joke than anything. This is a personal site and it doesn't mean much at all, but sometimes "just for fun" is enough reason.  Or so a chestnut mare would tell you, right before she dumped over the water trough.

I originally started this site as a tribute to my own chestnut mare, Mara (reg. Battlecri Orion's Star) and my friend's horse Molly (reg. Artistic License).  Chestnut mares... they have a reputation.  And when my trainer (who owned a chestnut mare) said to Mara "Oh, you're the one  that gives chestnut mares a bad name!" I went looking.  It's a legend, and there are many associated with horses' colors, face shape, eye, and so on, but there's something to it.  Chestnut mares... they have attitude.

There's not much here, but you can contact me if you think there's something chestnut mare related that would be fun on this site.  Thanks for visiting.